Media Kit

Forexassociation is designed exclusively to provide high-quality information to forex traders. The website is embedded in the daily routine of over a million traders, and advertising to this audience is made easy via the Branding and Guide placements outlined below. For the past nineteen years, the forex industry’s leading companies have witnessed Forexassociation’s fair practices and ability to deliver value. With advertisers renewing 95% of all orders since the website’s inception, there’s no doubt about it – Forex Factory advertising delivers!


Forexassociation serves ads using the industry-standard Google Ad Manager, which allows advertisers to monitor detailed delivery statistics and is compatible with the tracking mechanism of most 3rd-party ad platforms.


Forexassociation offers the same fair pricing to each customer. There’s no deviation from the prices published on this media kit, ensuring all advertisers are paying the lowest available rate – without needing to haggle!

70% of Forexassociation’s revenues come from advertising sold via this media kit. Forexassociation is not an introducing broker, does not offer agency discounts, and has no monetary partnerships with any company that sells services to forex traders.

Website Traffic

Google Analytics Stats, January 2024

Pageviews      44.0M
Mobile traffic49%

Users by Subcontinent, Sep 2023

Southeast Asia23.8%
North America15.8%
Southern Asia15.7%
Western Europe9.4%
Northern Europe7.0%
Western Africa4.4%
Eastern Europe4.0%
Western Asia3.4%
Southern Europe2.6%
Eastern Africa2.4%
Southern Africa2.4%
Eastern Asia2.3%
South America2.3%

Branding Placement

The Branding placement is run-of-site and displays the banners prominently across the page. The banner sizes and positioning are optimized for both desktop and mobile views, and there are never competing brands on the page! This clean communication channel not only allows for real branding but is also effective in immediate customer acquisition since the marketing message doesn’t get lost in ad clutter. The combination of immediate results and brand recognition makes this placement one of the most unique and compelling forms of online advertising available to forex companies.

Placement Specs

  • Desktop view:
    • Ad unit 1: 160×600 banner in the left sidebar
      – Max size: 40KB
      – Static (non-animated)
    • Ad unit 2: 970×250 banner in footer
      – Max size: 100KB
      – User-initiated size: 2MB
      – Animation restriction: 2 minutes
      – Banner can be any size that is wider than tall
      – Sound must be user-initiated
  • Mobile view:
    • Ad unit 1: 320×50 anchor banner 
      – Max size: 40KB
      – Static (non-animated)
    • Ad units 2 and 3: 320×250 inline banner 
      – Max size: 40KB
      – Static (non-animated)
  • All ad units are run-of-site
  • All ad units appear simultaneously
  • Ad units have no competing brands on the screen

The Branding Placement is offered via two different option types: Guaranteed and Auction.

Guaranteed Placement Option

A guaranteed order promises to deliver a total impression volume over a contracted time frame. Geo-targeting is subject to current inventory conditions.

This option is best for advertisers who want to spend a specific amount and want delivery throughout the length of their order.

Pricing in this option is fixed, ranging from $10.81 to $8.00 CPM based on order size and duration. The table below displays pricing for standard 3-month orders at common sizes. Monthly impression and CPM figures are approximations.

Impressions GuaranteedMonthly ImpressionsMonthly SpendCPM
3 million1 million$9,826$9.83
6 million2 million$19,001$9.50
9 million3 million$27,634$9.21
12 million4 million$36,135$9.03

Geo-discounts available this month are listed below but are subject to change based on inventory conditions.

  • 30% off orders with exclusive Indonesia targeting
  • 50% off orders with exclusive Africa (excluding South Africa), Europe, or South Asia targeting

Contact an Account Representative

Placement Terms Preview

Payment ‘Monthly Spend’ must be pre-paid by the first day of each month.

Delivery The ‘Impressions Guaranteed’ will be delivered by the end of the order.

Cancellation Orders canceled before the order end date will be assessed an inventory management fee equal to 10% of the unbilled ‘Total Spend.’

Auction Placement Option

An auction order allows an advertiser to submit a bid for impression volume in specific countries. This option is best for advertisers who want specific geo-targeting or want to buy at a specific price point.

Delivery is subject to current inventory conditions and other competing bids.

Contact an Account Representative

Placement Terms Preview

Payment Delivered inventory will be invoiced within ten days of month end.

Delivery Impressions are not guaranteed; orders can have a spending cap.

Cancellation Orders can be canceled with written notice.

Guide Placement

The Guide placement is located on the broker’s product, which is designed to help traders evaluate forex brokers. The broker guide’s sophisticated interface, fact-based information, and real-time spreads make it a natural starting point for traders evaluating forex brokers.

Placement Conditions

  • Broker is regulated by one of the following: ASIC, CBUAE, CFTC/NFA, CIMA, DFSA, FCA, FINMA, FMA, FSCA, GFSC, IIROC, JFSA, MAS, OCC, SFC, or any MiFID II designated authority
  • Broker’s management team is publicly available 
  • Forex Factory holds final editorial control over information on the guide

Placement Specs

  • Ad units are located on the Brokers product
  • Ad unit 1: 100×33 banner (non-animated) 
  • Ad unit 2: ‘Open Live’ text, linking to live account signup page 
  • Ad unit 3: ‘Open Demo’ text, linking to demo account signup page 
  • Ad unit 4: ‘Contact’ text, linking to the contact page 
  • Placement can be geo-targeted to non-US 

Placement Perks

  • Includes a brand-focused, dedicated Broker Profile page
  • Mentions of the broker’s name in Forum posts will be linked to the Broker’s Profile
  • Brokers may host a thread in the Broker Discussion forum for the duration of the order

Placement Options

Geo-TargetDuration GuaranteedMonthly Spend
Worldwide3 months$7,880
Worldwide6 months$7,410
Worldwide12 months$6,970
Non-US3 months$6,050
Non-US6 months$5,690
Non-US12 months$5,350
US3 months$2,420
US6 months$2,280
US12 months$2,140

Contact an Account Representative

Placement Terms Preview

Payment ‘Monthly Spend’ must be pre-paid by the first day of each month.

Delivery Advertiser will be featured on the Brokers product for the duration of the order.

Content Advertisers must provide a standard live trading account from which real-time spreads can be extracted. Forex Factory has final editorial control over listed information.

Cancellation Orders canceled before the order end date will be assessed an inventory management fee equal to 5% of the unbilled ‘Total Spend.’

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